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November Lust Have It!

Posted by Danae at 22:18

So this month I was lucky enough to try out the November Lust Have It box! 
After seeing many disappointed people with their previous boxes, I think that this box was a great come back and a lot of other people did too, which you can see on the Facebook page, here.

I think this months box has great value for the price you pay, featuring a full size, not yet released mascara, I think this box is amazing! 

Onto the content: 

The bag I received is the blue bag. I believe there were only two bags this month, blue and purple. The blue bag had the content I wanted to receive so I am very happy that I got this one.

On the card in the bag, Lust have it says that this will be the last pop color makeup bag you will receive and that they will now be bringing in collectible bags.

This bag didn't worry me seeing as this is the first time I've ever tried Lust Have It, but I'm super excited for the collectible bags, too!

The first thing in the bag was these Face of Australia cleansing wipes.
I currently use the smart skin wipes and adore them, but I have never tried another brand, so I think these will be great. I will use them after I finish my current pack of wipes.

It's also good that they're alcohol free. These retail for $4.95 for 25 wipes. 

The next thing is the Davroe smooth senses straightening balm. There were multiple different Davroe products in this months boxes, and a lot of people seemed to have gotten ones they didn't want or need. I am unfortunately one of these people. I already have naturally straight hair so I won't be needing this.

I think it would be good for Lust Have It to have specific profiles for their members so they know which products would really benefit the person.

This retails for $20-$25.

The next thing is the Lomasi ginger lime body creme. I have never used a body creme before so this will be good to try out. You get 30ml and a full size of 236ml retails for $22.95.
The smell of this reminds me of lime and lemon fudge. 

The second last thing in the box are these Star&Rose Hologram tweezers. I personally do not use tweezers, but I think they may be helpful in my false eyelash application, so I will find a use for them regardless. I think it's cute that these kind of match my background.
These retail for $9.95

The last and most exciting thing in the box this month, is a full size Model Co fibre Lashxtend Mascara, which hasn't even hit the Australian Shelves yet.

It has a handy mirror on the side for easy application.

This is the wand. I think this mascara will be great and I'm very excited to try it out!
This retails for $28, that means you get almost double the amount of the whole box worth, in one product!

On that note, this months box was great value.
Although some of the products in here won't work for me, I am still very happy with what I received!
You can check out Lust Have It's website here, if you are interested.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What did you receive in your Lust Have It box?
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nobodyspecialtoyou on 1 December 2012 at 23:25 said...

wow this box looks great!
I might have to subscribe to next months! xx
Great blog!

La Petite Frenchie on 2 December 2012 at 03:27 said...

Nice post! :)

Diamacra on 2 December 2012 at 10:11 said...

Great blog:) I like your post!:)

.brigittamonique. on 3 December 2012 at 01:27 said...

thx for the comment dear :)
and sorry for the late reply
yes we can follow each other :D

WyoSparkles on 7 December 2012 at 15:37 said...

Those tweezers are just tooooo cute!!! :) I'm interested to hear about the lash extend!!

Great post! I wish the lust have it bag was available in the US!

Carrie Galbraith on 1 February 2013 at 11:08 said...

Great blog I love monthly boxes! I subscribe to crafty creatives which is amazing! I would love a follow back my blog is :) x

Rach Green on 3 December 2013 at 14:11 said...

Great post!
I love the Fibre lashxtend mascara :)
I love your blog, I've just followed you, head on over to my blog and follow back if you wouldn't mind :) xx

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