Sunday, 14 April 2013

Versatile Blogger Award!

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I logged into my account this morning, and noticed an exciting new comment! Kat W over at diaryofapolishaholic nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! It's an award given to new blogs, I think it's super exciting that I was nominated so thank you so much Kat!

Once nominated, there are rules to follow. I have to select 15 more blogs to nominate, and it helps get their names out to people! And I have to list 7 unique things about me. Finding 15 new(er) blogs was tough! And I spent a lot of downtime at work today searching! So when you're done here, go check out these lovely ladies!

1. dreaming-daffodils

3. rethinkborders
4. the-lipglossary
5. makeupinfatuated
6. willworkforlipstick
7. justanothermuse
8. onestopbeautycorner
9. drugsnmakeup
10. makeupjunkielife

11. sweettriguena
12. rebeldamsel
13. kateslouisebeautyblog
14. justtobefabulous
15. modestlysophisticated

and now for the 7 unique facts about me!
1. I love orange juice.
2. But don't like oranges.

3. I've been to 6 schools.
4. I've moved houses more than 6 times.
5. I've never left Australia.
6. I love all my followers. :P
7. I really love heels but only own 2 pairs.

That's the end of my Versatile Blogger Award post! Hope you check everyone out! 
Also, sorry for my very long absence, I've been busy on holiday and then went back to school but I'm dedicated to restarting up my blog properly again. 


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